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    • Horticulture made in Holland


    • Horticulture made in Holland


    What’s in a name…. But this is as close as it gets!

    We are a young and dynamic company, although our roots date back to 1918!


    It’s your call, it’s your blend! This hassle-free philosofy, together with the uphold of firm quality, has earned Free Peat a prominent place in the Dutch and foreign substrate industry.

    From the moor to your door, it’s all under our roof. This ensures permanent quality control, and allows us to flex towards your needs.


    The primary component of your substrate is peat. Peat from the Baltics, from Ireland and from Germany. It is pH controlled and fertilized to specifictions. All products are certified for horticulture.


    Sluiskade NZ 79 7676 SH Vriezenveen Tel. +31 (0) 546 658 747 Fax. +31 (0) 546 656 800 E-mail info@freepeat.com

    It starts with A REALLY GOOD PLAN and FREE PEAT


    Product Grade
    Tray substrate fine
    Tray substrate medium
    Blocking 4x4 fine
    Blocking 8x8 medium
    Seedling mix extra fine
    Potting mix medium-coarse
    Clay substrates medium-coarse
    Green plant mix coarse-fibrous
    Flower mixes fine-medium
    Strawberry mixes medium-fibrous
    Acidofile soil fine-coarse
    Container substrates medium-fibrous
    Bio/ Organic mixes fine-coarse
    Special mixes all grades

    Sluiskade NZ 79  7676 SH Vriezenveen Tel. +31 (0) 546 658 747  Fax. +31 (0) 546 656 800  E-mail info@freepeat.com

    It all atsrts with A REALLY GOOD PLAN and FREE PEAT

    • Bags Sizes up to 80L. Smaller sizes, like 10L and 20L for consumer markets. Stacked and weatherproof wrapped.
    • Bales Baltic peat moss and substrates in bales from 80L to 300L.
    • Big Bags Filled up to 2.500L and palletized. Open top or closed top.
    • Big Bales From 2.500L to 6.000L. Weatherproof wrapped. The most economical packing.
    • Bulk Reduce transport costs using trucks, containers and ships.


    From our factory in Estonia we supply 100% Baltic peat moss and substrates in:

    80L – 235L – 250L – 300L and 6.000L

    Grades: 0-6mm, 0-10mm, 0-20mm, 6-20mm, 0-40mm and 10-40mm

    From our factories in Holland we supply Baltic, Irish and German peat and substrates in:

    10L – 20L – 40L – 50L – 70L – 80L – 6.000L

    Contact us for a complete list of products and possibilities.


    The primary component of your substrate is peat. At our production plants, black peat and white peat are processed and upgraded to substrate standards. Being true ‘bog people’ does not mean we don’t expertise in the fields of encompassing a variety of alternatives in the production and application of substrates. Among these, or a combination are:

    • Perlite
    • Coconut (coir)
    • Bark
    • Clay
    • Sand
    • Compost
    • etc.

    Free Peat treasures the environment. We are constantly researching new methods in the use of raw materials. Harvesting is always done in an environmentally friendly way.

    Sluiskade NZ 79  7676 SH Vriezenveen Tel. +31 (0) 546 658 747  Fax. +31 (0) 546 656 800  E-mail info@freepeat.com

    It all starts with A REALLY GOOD PLAN and FREE PEAT


    Nursing our peat excavation sites in the Baltic region, Germany and Ireland geographically constitutes a natural spreading of raw material. After harvesting the peat is stored in our high-volume sheltered terminals.This enables us to ensure constant quality, unaffected by weather conditions.

    Today, most producers of quality substrates will use computer controlled mixing techniques, qualified consultants and other technical gadgets. We do all this, but contrary to our competitors, we control the entire chain, from harvesting to substrate production. This gives us the edge on quality, quantity, homogeneity and of course flexibility.


    At our production sites the materials are processed using top notch mixing-, breaking-, and sieving-techniques. Samples are taken, sealed and stored before delivery, Ready for analysis. Leaving nothing to chance, your tailor made mixture is now ready for transport.
    All substrates are packed to your needs. In a display of innovation, Free Peat was the first to introduce the production of ‘Big Bales’.

    In foreign export particularly, this has proven to be a highly efficient and economical way of packing, handling and storing. Our modern mechanical Big Bale Press produces the size and weight you require.
    Whether you want it in bulk, bags, big bales or big bags. On any type of pallet, walking floor, dump truck, container or by ship, we have the packing to fit your needs.

    Sluiskade NZ 79  7676 SH Vriezenveen Tel. +31 (0) 546 658 747  Fax. +31 (0) 546 656 800  E-mail info@freepeat.com

    It all starts with A REALLY GOOD PLAN and FREE PEAT


    Free Peat B.V.
    Sluiskade NZ 79
    7676 SH Vriezenveen
    The Netherlands

    call_phone1Tel: +31-(0) 546 658 747
    system_printFax: +31-(0) 546 656 800

    Chamber of Commerce Enschede nr. 08117159


    Please contact us, if you want to place an order or want more information.

    Our sales-department will contact you.

    Send Message

    Sluiskade NZ 79 7676 SH Vriezenveen Tel. +31 (0) 546 658 747 Fax. +31 (0) 546 656 800 E-mail info@freepeat.com

    It all starts with A REALLY GOOD PLAN and FREE PEAT

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