Quality And certifications

The entire chain monitored and certified


  • RPP
  • VPN
  • TUV Nord Integra
  • IPS


All our sources are RHP inspected. As is our entire chain of transport and production. We are therefore fully RHP certified.

The RHP quality mark gives a thorough quality judgement on the certified substrates. Substrates, soil supply and soil improving materials with the RHP quality mark are stable and guarantee an optimal nutrient medium.RHP-logo Horticulture English.png.png

This makes it easier for both professional buyers and consumers to decide. They can trust that the certified companies have done everything to make sure that the growing medium has the best quality, is safe and clean.

Find out more:https://youtube/60ATB3hw8oQ



Most of the peat fields are RPP certified. RPP is the reliable certification system for responsible and sustainable peat production. Members are audited by the independent ECAS certification entity.RPP logo.JPG

Our goal is to have all sources RPP certified in the next 5 years. Find out more: https://www.responsiblyproducedpeat.org/en/what-we-do


The Dutch substrate sector is the undisputed global leader. Substrates, also known as cultivation media, are used for professional horticulture, public spaces and private gardens. Substrates form an indispensable basis for the production of food and plants that make our lives greener, healthier and more pleasant. Substrate is the key to higher production in horticulture, with a more efficient use of water, energy, nutrients and surface (land) use.

The VPN represents more than ninety-five percent of the potting soil and substrate manufacturers in the Netherlands. These are internationally oriented and certified companies. All members of the VPN are affiliated with RHP, the quality mark for substrates.


On behalf of its members, the VPN outlines a policy that focuses on sustainability and that should guarantee the future of the industry. All sales by Free Peat are subject to the rules and regulations of the VPN. You can download these in various languages from our site.

The potting soils and substrates produced in the Netherlands form an important basis for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and plants all over the world. The members of the VPN offer high-quality products, which are a prerequisite for healthy growth of all plants.


TÜV NORD Integratuv noord

Free Peat has the certificate of TÜV NORD Integra for organic products.

TÜV NORD Integra is recognized by the authorities as a control body for organic production under EC Regulation 834/2007. Furthermore, TÜV NORD Integra is recognized as a certification organization for the Safety of the Food Chain. Find out more: https://www.tuv-nord.com/be/nl/certificatie/bio/


Free Peat finds it important to act conscious and responsible with our environment.

The International Peatland Society (IPS) is an organisation of individual, corporate and institutional members dedicated to the responsible management and Wise Use of peatlands and peat. Currently the IPS has 1,608 individual, corporate, student, institutional and NGO members from 33 countries. This includes numerous Expert Groups with different activities related to peat and peatlands, mires, bogs, fens and tropical peat swamp forests. ips

Mission: To serve all those involved in peatlands and peat through the promotion, gathering, exchange and communication of knowledge and experience, by means of events and projects which address key issues, including climate change, biodiversity, the need for responsible use and restoration. Find out more: https://peatlands.org/

Growing Media Europe

Growing Media Europe AISBL is an international non-profit organisation representing the producers of growing media and soil improvers at European level. The main objective is to promote optimum legislation for the manufacturing as well as the free and fair trade of growing media within Europe. GME provides scientific information as well as technical expertise on the use of growing media products and act as focal point for political decision makers and stakeholders inside and outside the European Institutions.GME.JPG

Growing Media Europe is committed to the highest environmental standards, to the sustainable use of natural resources and to contributing to the competitiveness of the European horticultural sector by providing high quality growing media products.