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The primary component of your substrate is peat. Peat from the Baltics, from Ireland and from Germany. It is pH controlled and fertilized to...

Tailored substrated for your crops

Specials and Peat Moss

Not one company is the same. As a professional grower you have your own methods and requirements. At Free Peat we understand this like no other. We put our 100 years’ experience to work to supply you with a fitting substrate. Reliable, consistent and certified. Just like you need it. 

The properties of peat are unmatched and unique in horticulture.

Free Peat produces and ships containers or trucks with peat and substrates to over 35 countries worldwide. Our lines are short and communication direct and our service and products are recognized as amongst the best in the market. Our products are certified to the highest Dutch and international standards such as RHP and RPP. 

Tailored Substrates


Growing Media for professional farmers.

  • Blocking/Press pot mixes
  • Potplant mixes
  • Sowing and Cutting / Tray Propagation mixes
  • Bedding plants and ornamentals
  • Organic mixtures
  • Medical Canabis
  • A substrate for YOUR plants
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Estonian Gold

Peat Moss

Various grades. Pure, or with organic and mineral additions.

  • FP1   -    0-5mm
  • FP2   -   0-10mm
  • FP3   -   0-20mm
  • FP4   -   5-20mm
  • FP5   -   0-40mm
  • FP6   -   10-40mm
  • FP7   -   15-35mm
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